How To Redden Lips Naturally

How to redden lips basically still not known to many people , especially for women who digests naturally red lips , even though we know that one of the most important things when judging female beauty is to look at his lips .

A man would prefer to pair red lips sensual lips rather than black . Therefore, it is usually a problem in itself for women who have dark lips .

To obtain naturally red lips , the first time done is to ensure that all particles of dirt , dead skin cells and oils that accumulate on the lips has been cleared .

How to redden lips Naturally

But it was not enough to make your lips the red womenfolk can maximally , because they needed another way to redden the lips . Here are some recipes - natural recipes on how to redden the lips that you can women do .

how - redden - lip

- Using honey

Honey is a natural remedy that is often used for beauty and health problems , including color to redden the lips . So how you can apply honey on your lips every night and leave overnight to nourish skin cells and to enlighten him on the lips .

- Using rosewater

This rose water you can use to create a visible red and tender seedlings by means shedding in cotton area and then rubbed on the lips every night before bed .

- Using lemon

The fruit is a natural bleach . So how by mixing 2 tablespoons of water with lemon and honey . Can then apply the lip area . Allow a few moments before rinse thoroughly .

- Using turmeric

As for how to use it with a pinch of turmeric powder mixed with a tablespoon of milk . Then massage the lips using a paste that looks more natural red lips .

- Using Yogurt

You can mix the yogurt , rice flour and honey in water with lemon juice hatchlings . After that, apply on your lips to make it look more red .

Thus some natural ingredients that if we can to make our lips look more red naturally . That way you do not have to worry about how to redden lips .

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