Recipe How To Lose Weight From Korea

How to lose weight korean style now being searched by young people who crave a slim badang like korean artist . This is because there are many young people are being menggandruingi music and movies korean artist who mempertonton handsome , pretty and slim . Suddenly it is of interest to Indonesian young people can appear attractive and slim like a Korean artist .

How To Lose Weight From korea

Here we will review it for you how to lose weight korean style , you can imitate at home .

Lose Weight by Park Bom of 2NE1

Korean artist admits he's on a diet by eating high fiber foods and reducing carbohydrates . He reportedly only eat lettuce that is high in fiber and filling . If he feels hungry at night , he just takes a low calorie roasted corn and rich in fiber .

Lose weight by 2AM Chang Min

Artist 2AM 's personnel once obese and weigh up to 100kg . He managed to do all the way , one of them a balanced diet with healthy food choices . He just takes Ubi -size , low-fat milk , one whole egg and two eggs were taken next egg whites for breakfast . Being at noon he was eating potato salad without sauce and chicken breast . As for the afternoon , Chang Min only eat potatoes and eggs as many as 4 points . Not enough here , at night , it only takes a Korean artist chicken breast and salad . He tried to limit the food they consume excess carbohydrates and saturated fats

If the record is good - both Chang ming every day eat as much as 4 times a day . But this does not make this Korean artist becomes more obese . This can happen because , if we can do a balanced diet by choosing foods that we eat , then we can still eat 4 times a day without gaining weight at all .

A few of our reviews on how to lose weight korean style that might be applied to suit your needs . It should be noted in the diet is the discipline of doing limits. Any diet will not work if we are not disciplined in carrying out all the rules .

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