How To Shrink Facial Pores

Shrink facial pores is one quick way to avoid face from acne . The face has large pores will tend to be more prone to acne . Because the pores widening will facilitate dust , and other contaminants to get into the skin so it will be faster cause acne .

Surely everyone wants to have white skin , clean free from acne . Therefore shrink pores is very important . Even if we are white and clean , but if you have acne it will reduce the confidence that we have. We will not be distracted and tend to move as much as possible . Will always feel awkward because it will reduce the beauty .

Lots of treatments - treatments that can be used to make us look more beautiful , but the treatment is the most appropriate treatment in a natural way , among these :

- Ice Cubes . With the physical properties of rock hard ice and cold , it can be used to reduce facial skin .

- Using egg whites and honey . Egg white useful to shrink the pores of the skin and also reduces the amount of oil in the skin . While honey has anti- bacterial and high sucrose that can help nourish the skin . The way is easy , that is by separating the egg white from the yolk , then camour with a little honey , stir until evenly distributed , then rub into the skin until evenly distributed . Wait 20-30 minutes for the two materials can be optimally absorbed into the skin , then rinse with water .

- Fruits tomatoes . With a high content of vitamin C , tomatoes can shrink the skin pores and also nourish the skin to stay healthy glow. The trick is to make a mask of tomatoes , slices of tomato and apply evenly on your face , leave to dry and wash off with warm water followed by cold water . You will feel your face fresh and radiant .

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