How To Straighten Hair With A Natural And Effective

How to Straighten Hair With Natural and Effective . Born with curly or wavy hair is not a big problem that needs to be addressed , but this time due to the negative influence of television , many people join the trend of hair straightening . How to straighten hair nowadays, it is mostly done by most people , especially for those who have curly hair .

But they are doing is actually using instant way , or by using a tool that basically can damage the hair itself.

How to Straighten Hair With Natural and Effective

The hair is a crown of a person is also a reference to look for both men and women . Most people would want to have straight hair , despite the fact that there are also who want curly hair . Well , you should use natural ingredients only way to straighten hair .

In addition to safer , natural hair straightening method will not damage the hair itself.

- Using Milk

The way by mixing half a glass of milk with plain water , then remove the water in a spray bottle . After that you can use it with spray on hair . Leave for 20 minutes and then rinse using a conditioner and shampoo .

- Using lemon juice and coconut milk

You can mix half a cup of lemon juice and coconut milk , then let sit in the refrigerator until the mixture thickens slightly . After that apply on the hair until evenly distributed . Perform massage on the scalp and let sit for a few moments .

- Using celery

So take a bunch of celery and then destroyed . Then give additional water to be squeezed and the juice is taken alone . After that, allow the water overnight and the next day you can use it to massage the scalp . Do this on a regular basis to obtain optimum results .

Well , so was some of the ways that you can do with the use of natural ingredients in the directly though . In addition to your hair can be more straight , also can make your hair smoother and healthier . So do it on a regular basis and continue to follow tips on how to straighten hair .

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