How to Lengthen Your Eyelashes Naturally

How to lengthen your eyelashes can actually do naturally without the need to use drugs . Besides being more secure , we feel the results can without damaging the eyelashes . We know that every lash is not the same person , there is a tapering point of view , but some are short . While there are many ways you can do to extend the lashes , but the natural way is the most effective way to do .

How to lengthen your Eyelashes Naturally

Lashes is indeed one of God 's most perfect creation we should care . Therefore, to you who have a form of short eyelashes and not tapering , then you can make an effort to lengthen eyelashes like this .

- Food

How to lengthen lashes first is to meet the nutritional intake of a balanced meal . So eyelashes and hair also needs nutrients for growth . Therefore multiply eat vegetables and fruits and other foods that contain beta- carotene , folic acid and vitamin B.

- Using natural oils

You can use natural oils or creams on the lashes . The olive oil that can be utilized and it was very good for the growth of eyelashes . So you can use these oils in the eyes of the book before going to bed .

- Using a brush

So with regular brushing lashes while providing a bit of oil , then the eyelash growth will be maximal . Brush lashes each to go to sleep to trigger the growth of follicles .

- Perform trim

Trim or cut off the tip of the lashes can also trigger the growth of eyelashes themselves . It should be noted in doing so also must be careful . You can do it with the help of small scissors in front of the mirror , after the oil so that it give more slender eyelashes .

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