Skin Care How To Clean White

How to care for the skin so white it can do as long as we know it. We know that the skin is white and clean would be the desire of all people, even those willing to do anything to get the skin as desired.

But you do not have to worry, because there are solutions you can do to have white skin. Curious? The following will be given his review.

How To White Natural Skin Care

For those of you who have dark skin or appear dull , so from now on you have to change a healthier lifestyle as well as consider a few things like the following .

- Increasing intake of vitamin C

So vitamin C may be useful to increase the brightness of the skin and softens the skin . It can certainly help to keep the skin in order to remain healthy and able to maintain the structure of collagen . As for vitamin C is what you get from fruits such as oranges , tomatoes , strawberries , and green beans .

- Eating more vitamin A

We know that the skin also needs vitamin A to stay healthy and moist . The foods that contain lots of vitamin A may be obtained from egg yolk , low fat milk or oysters . Besides vitamin A-rich foods generally also contain beta carotene , and it is great to minimize skin damage from sun exposure . Therefore, How to care for white skin to this one must meet.

- Minimize direct sunlight and pollution

UBA and UVB rays can be very dangerous to the health of our skin and can slow the body's ability to regenerate dead skin cells . In addition it also acts as a cause of pollution damage and skin discoloration .

- Be careful in using lightening products

So to some skin lightening products that contain kojic acid or hydroquinode high , it can actually reduce the amount of melanin the skin if used continuously . Although quite effective , but these chemicals can also lead to more serious skin diseases such as skin cancer , especially if exposed to sunlight exposure . Therefore be careful in its use .

- Consuming mineral water

Drink 2 liters of water a day is the minimum amount that you must meet . Thus it can make our skin becomes dry .

- Sports

Physical activity such as exercise every day can make our skin healthy. For the sweat that comes out can also remove the dirt in the pores of the skin.

- Using lemon juice as a skin-lightening

Lemon juice contains citric acid which can beautify the skin , and can fight free radicals . Although the results need to be able to see quite a long time , but this is a way to treat the skin so white that the most appropriate thing to do .

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